Pao-Leng Kung


I know Pao-Leng because her paintings are showing on IG. The experiment works with bright colours and fragments are elegant and lovely. When we start the silk scarves project, quickly thought of her, She said yes almost immediately.  Unlikely a gentle appearance, her actions are efficient, just like her work with a purely poetic, refreshing appearance in front of everyone.

Like everyone else, I know her at this moment. She is the first person in the project we invited who have many commons with us, such as sensitive to the self, and the world. Many of the actions we have made are in response to the process of dialogue with the artist's sensitive. We all like her transparent character.



Pao-Leng: I’m called a loner by people around me jokingly pretty often. Because, in terms of personality, I’m not socially active, and that I like to be alone quite often, it’s all about the atmosphere and ways of thinking I perceive when interacting with people. I’m happily satisfied with having just a couple of close friends that make me feel like myself when I’m around them.

When I was in high school, my homeroom teacher selects a word for everyone, a word that he thought to represent the student’s traits the best. I got serenity, implying that “still water runs deep.” I was pleased with this explanation and also grateful to receive this beautiful expression to describe myself.

Sometimes I thought: I’m probably stuck in a rut. I can put the same song on replay for weeks, eat the same dish every day, and even do so for years without getting tired of it. I spend my leisure time on exhibitions, movies, books, music, or just wandering aimlessly, trying to zoom out completely, not being able to think outside the realm of art. Shopping and watching baby videos are probably the only two things that are closest to the general definition of “recreational activities,’   

寶稜:我其實在周圍很多人眼中滿容易被笑稱為邊緣人或是沒朋友的狀態,因為我不是非常熱衷於社交活動的個性, 一部分是滿看跟人的相處頻率跟氣,相處起來很自在的幾個人其實就夠了,另一部分是我很需要獨處。

我記得在高中的時候,班導師送給每個同學一個詞彙,一個他認為可以表現我們每個學生的特質的詞彙。而我拿到的是:寧靜 - 寧靜而致遠。我覺得我會記得那麼清楚是因為我很喜歡這樣的說法,也很感激原來我可以得到這樣的形容詞。


Pao-Leng: I’m a graduate student living in a studio suite of a dorm in West London. While staying in my room, I’m always moving around the mini sofa, bed, or on the floor working on my piece.

Student dorms aren’t very spacious, and the colour scheme of their interior is mostly composed of lily-white, ivory grey, and light green. I like to put time and effort into decorating my living space. However, since this is a student dorm that I’m only temporarily staying in, there aren’t any unique displays, posters or sketches on the wall. The only thing left on the wall is the mark I made with the stick-tack adhesive for documentation of my works.

With that said, I still imagine the surroundings of the studio space where I can engage in my world.


學生公寓並不是非常寬敞,大致似乎是百合白、米灰搭配淺綠色的配色。 我很喜歡好好佈置自己生活的地方,但可能因為是學生公寓的關係,我知道我很快會離開現在的房間,所以沒有特別擺設或是貼什麼海報、草圖在牆上,唯一留在牆上的,大概就是我每次幫作品拍照時,黏在牆上的綠黏土痕跡。


Please tell us about your thoughts on the artist’s scarf collaboration with Almond Madagascar. 

Pao-Leng: The actual patterns and details are still worked in progress, but I would like to think of this collaboration as a planned creative practice, not just transferring my finished works onto another material as the container. Rather, it’s closer to the process of making block prints, creating multiples at a time.

Meanwhile, I’d like to focus on presenting a more fragmented, sketch-like form that distinguishes from the finished look I usually achieve in my works. 




龔寶稜 Pao-Leng Kung

Born in Taoyuan in 1996, she is currently studying painting at the Royal College of Art. Many of her ideas come from the creative process. Also, tools that are used in the painting process or accidentally discovered by the studio become part of the work. Considering its functionality incompletely, it works and combines them to create a collage in real space like the existence of a painting object.
Pao-Leng said: "I have heard a word that painting is a process of constant regret. If that's true, I will enjoy that kind of regret; otherwise, I will not have the state of thinking burst out.